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        Since I have only "consumed" as much of web 2.0 as I could over the last year and a half, I felt that it was about time to begin to contribute.  The amount of learning I have done as a result of reading blogs and listening to podcasts, is truly amazing.  It is even better than getting the newspaper delivered to your door every morning.  Often what is in the posts isn't in the newspaper until days later!  I am sold on the whole "social networking" thing, so this will be my attempt to enter the "partnership."

    I have been spending a lot of time lately trying to find examples of blogs and podcasts, CREATED BY STUDENTS during the course of the regular school day.  At eTech (Ohio Educational Technology Conference) one of the speakers mentioned a school in Mabry North Carolina that actually used podcasting as the basis for a school web page.
It turned out that the school, Mabry Middle School, is actually in Marietta, GEORGIA, but their web page was definitely worth the trouble to locate.  Mabry Online is a comprehensive page of teacher and student blogs and podcasts.  Be sure, if you visit to check out podcast central and then view all podcasts.  You will be amazed at the breadth of topics covered and the well done nature of the productions.   Don't forget also to check out the staff blogs and notice the variety of teachers who maintain a web  presence and RSS feed here.  I think that its' time that the high school library jumps in……
    Hey, here is where any reader of this post can help…………… I really didn't want to have Bellefaire as the title of my blog.  I use the word because it is usually not taken for a log in name in web service sites.  Can anyone help me find where I can change the name of this blog?

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