Stumble Upon this….

My very favorite new site I have subscribed to via Lifehacker is Stumble Upon. After establishing an account, users are prompted for their category preferences of sites returned.  For example, I selected books, libraries, liberal politics etc.  After downloading some tool bar buttons, the user need only hit the Stumble! button, and the site searches for the most popular and intersting websites available within those categories. The variety of sites and categories that the stumble button exposes is amazing and often quite useful.  Once a member is logged in, the stumbler is invited to "rate" the returned sites with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down, thus creating a page of one's own favorites at the Stumbleupon site.  The more members voting thumbs up for a page the more it will be pushed to other Stumblers searching in that category.  The high quality of the sites returned likens the experience of pressing the Stumble! button to the thrill of awaiting the return of the slot machine pull.  Get a cheap thrill at the StumbleUpon site.

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