Why I Blog

I blog because I should.
 I am embarking on a campain for student and staff use web 2.0 resources in my school and district.   I should have my own "experience" with all of the tools I am advocating for.
I blog because I want to share.
I also want to use this platform to share the outstanding resources I have discovered while surfing the net, or listening to podcasts.  I post everything to del.icio.us and perhaps am constributing to the "cause" that way, but this blog is about "the best" of those.
I blog because I will learn in the process. 
I am exposed to so many outstanding ideas on the blogs that I read.  Most are professional, but sometimes even those people address and invite comment on timely, important topics.  I feel like I know some people enough to interact with them through their blog. The  blogosphere is a place that is beginning to feel like a community, and I feel comfortable enough here to risk contributing another voice or opinion.
I blog because I want to thank others for sharing and I want to give their work and thoughts further exposure.

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