Designing School 2.0

Steve Hargadon posted this question on Classroom2.0 Ning site:

If you could offer suggestions for the Design of the most effective School 2.0, what features or options you include. Please comment on as many of the following as you can;

"Big Picture trends in the next 5-25 years that will have the biggest impact on what it means to be an engaged learner.

YOUR definition of School 2.0 and/or Classroom 2.0…and how to help "school design" decision makers use it to inform their thinking, research, leadership, and solutions.

Best way to describe how 'kids' (all ages, really, but I'll use the cute version since most still default to it) are transforming as collaborators, creators, project team members, publishers, etc."

Cartoon from:

My response, though short is below. The whole question which can be found here.  Other educators have offered their ideas in the commnets.

My hope for high school classrooms everywhere in the future is that fair and equitable access to web 2.0 tools is universal.  Bandwidth, individual "computers / cameras / productivity tools"  will be in the hands of all students, perhaps in the form of a cell phone.  Students and teachers will have access to upload and edit, research and instructional products, throughout the day.  Teachers will be notified through a feed,  of assignment completion and can respond electronically to students and parents.  Time spent on actual school work will be recorded and can be viewed by parents and teachers alike.  Students work can be posted and shared through the use of collaborative spaces on the web.  A network of teachers around the world will develop around specific curriculum topics so that global perspectives on a topic can be shared.  The "hookups" and creative project ideas are unlimited.

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