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I have read about a post recently that is being passed around the blogosphere that is titled 5 Things…. Several prominent connected school librarians have posted their 5 Things I Want you to Know About Your School Library.  In the comments I would like you to post the 5 things (or more or less) that you would like the library to know about your job, your students, their use of the library and its resources or anything else that you think is relevant to the conversation.   So here goes………….


5 Things I Want you to Know About Your School Library


Concerned about your students thinking skills? The information literacy skills that librarians go on and on about are really skills that support the transferable skills of critical thinking, analysis, reading, writing, and effective communication. Teacher-librarians instruct and support students as they define problems, frame good questions, search for and evaluate information for quality, authority, and relevance


Lonely?  We Double-team students. Teachers can get out of the classroom and collaborate to use the library or its technology labs as a classroom. The librarian teaches with the classroom teacher.  While the teacher presents the content they know so well, the librarian – teaching partner help deliver such transferable skills as information seeking, evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and communication.


Need a hand with technology?  We help integrate educational technology into programs to engage students to help meet curricular and technology standards. Librarians help select software, databases, and online resources to meet curricular needs. We design information systems and create Web sites that lead students to the best resources online. We are expert in the presentation and productivity software that facilitates communication competencies.


Concerned about cut-and-paste plagiarism and ethical use of information?  Librarians help teach age-appropriate documentation skills and contribute to developing  policies promoting full-school academic integrity.


The librarian doesn’t own the library. You and your students do. You can recommend materials and have a voice in library policy making.


Leave a comment about your 5 things.

Parts of the above have been excerpted from the blogs of Joyce Valenza (Never Ending Search) and Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog)

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