Play WITH Pay

Play WITH Pay

      I have been spending my spring break following, reading and learning.   A lame personal life has prompted me to explore this online form of “edutainment.”
     I have been watching twitter, followed the links, and found many new, innovative websites and teachers.  I feel extremely grateful that my job is all about this, thus the title of this post.
     I love the idea of a sandbox.  Growing up, my family had a sandbox that my Father built and the creativity and products that were produced were self directed and imaginative.  I have spent some time this week in online sandboxes, reacted to thoughtful blog and Twitter posts, and feel “connected” like never before.  
    Today I visited a website from a journalism class that looks and feels so contemporary.  Tammy Parks, a teacher in Howe Oklahoma, seems to be a teacher who “walks the talk.”  I am impressed with the blog, the links, and the presentation of the content.  
     I appreciate the willingness and dedication of all of the Web 2.0 community for fostering the Seymour Papert, Constructivist Learning that I have believed for quite some time should prevail in American education.

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