A Commitment.

So I watched a movie over Winter break, called Morning Glory   It is about a woman consumed by her profession.  She recruits  a venerated on-air personality  (Harrison Ford), who initially does not see this “new media” as at all, appetizing, but in the end he finds a way to meld his way of reporting the news to her vision for it.

I somewhat unfortunately sympathize with the visionary, yet sometimes naive producer, Rachel McAdams for her passion for her job and how that “work” sometimes becomes her life and her affirmation.   I also respect and relate to her commitment to audience.  Although this blog for me is written to “find” an audience and “network” for me (that would be a HUGE reward), my passion and commitment is singularly directed to the school district and students that I serve.  I need to get the word out HERE.  “Sometimes all it Takes is One Voice”.

For the time being, it may NOT be through Twitter  or Facebook or the newest tool available, but I am so very sure where my my heart and efforts are oriented.   My service to this community, primarily, will provide direction to the tools and resources that I am so eager to share.


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