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Buy an eBook from a Local Bookstore and Kickback $ to Your Public Library Via New Overdrive Feature

Just this week, I was made aware of a value added feature from Overdrive that is new to Public Library eMedia offerings.  In my experience, although  the Cuyahoga  County Public Library’s eBook collection is comprehensive and very well curated,  items I need are not ALWAYS necessarily available.  Now, when going  to the digital downloads area of their website, patrons are offered the option of a “Buy It” button.  A secondary and even more exciting feature, is that clicking the “buy it” button, allows the patron to select from a menu of bookstores from which to purchase the item.  At least for the book I was researching, these options not only included Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but also a “Shop Indie Bookstores” selection.  This “Indie Bookstore” option,  allows the patron to input a home zip code, and purchase the item through their nearest local bookseller.  Another perk of this purchase, is that the public library also gets a portion of the proceeds of the sale kicked back to them, which they can use in turn, to purchase more electronic items.

In my estimation,  this is a VERY GOOD THING for EVERYONE involved: Patron, Public Library, Local Booksellers, AND Authors.


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